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Mountainside School
The happiness of Your child is our primary concern

Attentive Daycare, Preschool and Pre-K Programs in Issaquah, WA

Two boys and a girl — Education in Issaquah, WA
Recent research emphasizes the importance of Learning Windows that occur in the child's brain. Our programs are designed to expose children to those learning opportunities. While we offer daycare, we are primarily an education facility, with programs developed to inspire learning, spark imagination, and instill the joy of discovery.
Our infant room is staffed with consistent and caring teachers, devoted to giving your baby loving, nurturing care, in a stimulating learning environment.
Child playing — Education in Issaquah, WA
Toddler playing  — Education in Issaquah, WA
Children doing crafts — Education in Issaquah, WA
At the time of enrollment, parents and director work to place each student in their appropriate classroom. It is expected that they remain in the class for the entire academic year, unless the class teacher requests a transfer. The director will review such requests, for both availability and appropriateness for the child.

More than one schedule change per year, not requested by the teacher, including days enrolled, or classes students are enrolled in will incur a fee, as they require a great amount of administrative time. Changes are subject to a $15.00 change fee per event.

Mountainside School combines two excellent curriculums. The first a literacy program, "Journey into Literacy". This program was developed by Dr. Barbara Swaby to encourage a love of books and reading. Along with this we have added "Star Fall". In this program, children will:
  • Develop language and literacy skills
  • Increase phonological awareness through rhyming
  • Strengthen vocabulary
  • Increase print awareness
  • Improve social skills and form positive identities
  • Develop number sense through sorting and counting and comparing
  • Benefit from activities that teach them about science and technology
  • Enhance motor skills and creativity through dramatics, poetry, art, and music

Mountainside School Daycare / Preschool Programs:


Beginning at 6 weeks

Our infant room daycare is designed to nurture your child as well as stimulate and enhance your baby's day. Staffed with caring and consistent staff, babies will develop routine and will be exposed to early communication skills with sign language.


This program is a specially designed program for this age group; encouraging language, socialization, self-help and motor skills.

Early Preschool

Mountainside has created a developmentally appropriate program and environment, which helps children grasp basic concepts. A hands-on approach enhances visual learning.


Works on self-direction and working independently, along with enhanced work on basic concepts taught in Early Preschool. Language, mathematics, art, reading, music and the world around us are emphasized.


This curriculum integrates and expands basic skills in mathematics, reading, science, art, music, geography and history. This provides a healthy self-image as children prepare for elementary education. Placement in the Pre-K program is at the discretion of the director and your child's teacher.
  • Intro To Gymastics
  • Music and Movement
  • Spanish
  • Ballet


Mountainside assists children in discovering the joy of learning in a fun, exciting and interactive environment. Each child is treated as an individual and progresses at his/her own pace. Since 1979 we have followed our students and clearly see the benefits that our early experience provided. We are proud to have played a role in their lives. No child will be discriminated against based on race, color, creed or disability.