Mountainside School
Mountainside School
The happiness of Your child is our primary concern

Childcare, Preschool and Pre-K school in Issaquah, WA

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At Mountainside School in Issaquah, WA the happiness of your child is our primary concern. We offer year round, full day educational programs, including daycare, infant care, and extracurricular activities for all children. Our staff serve children from 6 weeks to 6 years of age and believe children are the world's most important resource. With love, care, guidance, patience, and understanding, we can assist parents in the development of their children to his or her fullest potential!
To achieve the best start possible, it is necessary to work closely with each parent and maintain open pathways of communication between parents and teachers.
We are located on 1.5 acres across beautiful Tiger Mountain with 3 spacious playgrounds giving children the ultimate outdoor playing experience. Our playgrounds provide covered outdoor areas during damp weather.
Summer months feature a Preschool camp, Camp Tatonka, an exciting arts and crafts summer program for young children.
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